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Transportation Resources for Schools

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Potential Yellow Bus Service Disruption: Information for Schools

Some yellow bus service may be disrupted this fall due to a potential bus driver strike. We know that this would be extremely disruptive to your students and families, and we continue to hope a strike can be avoided. However, as it is a possibility, our priority is to do what we can to minimize disruption for our families and students, especially those that are most vulnerable, and to communicate updates to you and our families as we learn more.

In case there is a strike, we are preparing alternative options for families whose bus routes would be affected. These options include emergency MetroCards for all impacted families and additional options for some families, including pre-paid rideshare and transportation reimbursement (please see FAQ below for eligibility details). Our top priority is to ensure that in the event of a strike, every student, including our most vulnerable, can continue attending school without interruption.

Please review the information below and continue to visit our website(Open external link) for the latest information and additional details. Schools can also contact their Transportation Liaisons.

Potential Yellow Bus Service Disruption:

Frequently Asked Questions

Which bus companies might be affected if there is a strike?

The following bus companies might be affected if a strike occurs. Families can see the company that operates their bus route in their NYCSA account at external link) or by talking with the transportation coordinator at their school. Please note, our call center cannot give out your child’s route over the phone.

  • G.V.C. LTD. (GC)
  • IC BUS INC. (IA)


Will schools be closed if there is a strike?

No, schools will remain open and continue to serve our students, even if a strike occurs.


How many students will be impacted? How will families know if they are impacted?

If a strike takes place, we believe it will likely involve about half of our bus drivers and attendants. We will post a map of potentially impacted routes on our website(Open external link) the week of August 28. Additionally, impacted families will receive an automated call, email, and text message once we know a strike is happening, as well as a second set of notifications on the first morning of interrupted bus service. Please help ensure your families have active and up-to-date NYC Schools Accounts(Open external link) so we have accurate contact information.


What alternative transportation options will impacted students have?

All impacted students and their families will have access to MetroCards, which schools will distribute in the case of a strike. These MetroCards work across all MTA buses and subways for four trips daily, plus transfers, between the hours of 5:30am and 8pm. Schools will receive emergency MetroCard shipments before the start of the school year, and they will include instructions on distribution to families. Distribution of emergency MetroCards should only happen in the event of a strike.


Beyond a MetroCard, what alternative transportation options are students eligible for?

All impacted students and families can access emergency Metrocards from their child’s school. Certain groups of students will also have access to pre-paid rideshare (including wheelchair-accessible vehicles) and transportation reimbursement (for use of taxis or personal vehicles). Specifically, these alternatives will be available to:

  1. Students with Disabilities who have transportation recommended on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Accommodation Plan (504), or have an approved medical exception from the Office of Pupil Transportation
  2. Students in Temporary Housing or Foster Care who receive yellow bus service, including students in shelters, domestic violence shelters, families living with others due to economic or financial hardship (doubled-up), and students transitioning to permanent housing
  3. Students with an approved transportation exception, as defined on ourtransportation web page, external link).


What is pre-paid rideshare?

Pre-paid rideshare is a car service that will take a parent/guardian — or another adult of their choice — and their child to and from school each day. An adult must travel with the child. For each eligible child, the driver will provide two rides for the family in both the morning and afternoon (for a total of four rides per day). In the morning, after the child is dropped off at school, the rideshare driver can take the adult to any destination of their choice, whether it's their home, workplace, or another location. In the afternoon, the process is reversed: the driver will pick up the adult from their chosen location, drive to the school to pick up the child, and then take both of them home. There's no need for them to arrange separate transportation to or from the school. These extra rides are included in the service and are free for families.

Rideshare is free for eligible families and does not require the family to pay upfront and wait for reimbursement. For this reason, we recommend that eligible families consider using rideshare instead of seeking transportation reimbursement. Reimbursements for self-arranged transportation can take weeks to process, while the rideshare service is immediate and cost-free.

Prior to the start of the school year, we will update this InfoHub page, as well as our family-facing website (, with details and next steps for accessing both rideshare and reimbursement. We will also be providing training for Transportation Coordinators about these transportation alternatives (details about training times/logistics will be posted on this page). Once school begins, we will encourage families to contact schools’ Transportation Coordinators to discuss which alternative transportation option works best for their child and family.


What is the student attendance and lateness policy in the event of a strike?

Students affected by a potential bus strike will be excused for up to two hours of lateness due to delayed or extended travel time. If a student misses school due to disruptions in yellow bus service, they should be marked absent with an explanation code to ensure the absence does not negatively impact the student’s attendance record.

Schools should use the codes below to record excused delays.

Code     Use

37           Lateness due to lack of bus service

20           Absence due to lack of bus service


Can impacted students stay home and learn virtually?

No, NYC Public Schools will not be offering virtual learning for students impacted by a strike. Our focus is on ensuring all students can get to school with as little disruption as possible to their regular school schedule. Families should use the alternative transportation options to bring their children to/from school.


If there is a strike, how long should I expect it to last? How will I know when it ends?

Unfortunately, we cannot predict how long a strike would last if one occurred. Our priority is to do what we can to minimize disruption for our families and students, especially those that are most vulnerable. We are working closely with the city to monitor these negotiations and will continue to share updates with families as we learn more. We will also send messaging directly to school leaders.


How are NYC Public Schools working to prevent a strike?

These labor negotiations are between the drivers and the bus companies they work for. Our priority is to do what we can to minimize disruption for our families and students, especially those that are most vulnerable. We are working closely with the city to monitor these negotiations to plan accordingly and will continue to share updates with families as we learn more.


What steps are New York City Public Schools taking to ensure impacted students arrive safely at school?

We are working with the city and our partners at the New York City Police Department (NYPD) to closely monitor this situation and to engage all necessary resources to ensure the safe commute of our students. In the event of a bus strike, NYPD will station additional transit officers where we anticipate increased numbers of students using public transportation and/or walking to school.


Will field trips and/or after school programs be impacted in the case of a strike?

PSAL will proceed as planned, and if your school has a game that may be impacted, the PSAL office will reach out directly on next steps. We will share guidance on field trips and other after school programming before the start of the school year.