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Background Information

HMH Into Literature® © 2022 was built to address the needs of today’s classrooms and the

requirements of tomorrow’s world. Its intentional design, based on evidence-based principles, features

program components that work in concert with lesson structure, while keeping the student and the

reading at the center.


HMH Into Literature is a comprehensive English language arts solution that provides engaging

and rigorous texts to build intellectual stamina and tenacity while developing analytical readers,

independent thinkers, and proficient writers. High-interest, relevant materials motivate students

and serve to build agency and a growth mindset. The program provides a clear path through every

classroom moment: the right tools and the right amount of choices for every situation and every

learning goal.


For teachers, HMH Into Literature provides a flexible design, including expanded access to rich

and varied digital resources for each literacy strand. The flexibility of the program allows teachers

to differentiate and adapt instruction to meet all students at their appropriate level and develop

equitable lessons for their classrooms.


Ongoing assessment and meaningful reporting provide critical feedback loops to teachers and

students so that each experience encourages self-assessment and reflection and drives positive

learning outcomes for ALL students. HMH Into Literature provides an impactful use of data from Day

1 via a simple yet strategic approach to formative assessment and cumulative data that informs and

enriches the program.


What is HMH Into Literature?

A full Curriculum of Instruction That Includes:

  • Agency
  • Independence
  • Growth Mindset
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Digital Literacy
  • Metacognition
  • Differentiation
  • Collaboration
  • Whole- and Small-Group Learning

What will the goals for my child be?

It is a Researched Based Curriculum that will offer your child the following:

  • Maximizes growth through data-driven differentiation and targeted scaffolds
  • Develops learners with positive habits of reading, writing, and thinking behavior to foster agency
  • Fosters a learning culture with a focus on collaboration, peer interaction, and articulation of views
  • High-interest, relevant materials motivate students and serve to build agency and allow choice while building skills and stamina
  • Access to many interesting, challenging books, both fiction and nonfiction, and choice of what to read

What are the Main parts of HMH?

Notice & Note

  • The Various Sign Posts provide a practical method to get students to read observantly, to think about their responses and the textual elements that provoked them, and to articulate and explain their findings.
  • This particular form of scaffolded instruction supports engagement and a growth mindset while developing students’ close reading skills and their understanding of author’s craft.
  • Formative assessments, peer reviews, and Reflect on the Unit questions
  • Aids students in monitoring their progress and developing metacognitive ability.
  • The program includes opportunities for teacher-to-student and peer-to-peer feedback for users to leverage in the writing process.

How is this better for my Childs Teacher?

An approach with Support for Teachers

  • Unburdens teachers to focus energy on the delivery of powerful instruction through simple, intuitive program design
  • Empowers and supports teachers to be developers of high-impact learning experiences through embedded and ongoing professional learning

Resources for Parents on HMH



Getting Started with Writing Tasks on HMH Ed

Online Help: If you have access to the Into Reading or Into Literature programs, then you are able to view writing tasks to assign to students in your class using the writing task option. Review the remainder of this article for details on Viewing, Assigning, Managing, and Grading Writing Tasks.

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Google Classroom Resources (HMH Ed | ThinkCentral | HRW)

Need assistance using Google Classroom with HMH programs available on HMH Ed? See the remainder of this article for useful videos, guides, known issues, and other useful resources.

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HMH Into Literature Gr 6-12 on HMH Ed Resources

Into Literature® is a comprehensive, Grades 6 through 12, English Language Arts program with rich content and resources that support your instructional goals. See the remainder of this article for valuable getting started tutorials, videos, guides, and more.

Sep 6, 2023

Getting Started - How do I log in?

Into Literature is on HMH Ed.  See the following instructions:

Getting Started - Teacher Success Pathways on Ed

New this Back-to-School!  Our teacher success pathways are tailored and timed to your needs and schedule to make teaching with your new programs more manageable and rewarding. Once logged into Ed, personalize your teacher success pathway experience by responding to a few quick questions about the programs and grades you are teaching. See Teacher Success Pathway FAQs for more information.  The topics in your pathway will focus on planning, prioritizing, and differentiating instruction. These pathways are designed to make teaching with new programs manageable. The sessions:

  • are scaffolded to maximize your time,
  • provide flexibility to work asynchronously or with a coach, and
  • offer convenient and specially created downloadables like editable lesson plans.

Getting Started - Teacher's Corner on Ed

Getting Started with Into Literature **

Get your class up and running with step-by-step instructions, videos, and tips from teachers and HMH coaches.

Into Literature: An Online Resource Overview **

Quickly locate your online resources with this Into Literature Online Resource downloadable.

5 Tips for Pacing and Prioritizing Instruction with Into Literature **

Discover factors to take into consideration to help you most effectively plan your instructional time.

The above are only a few of the valuable guides, videos, and tutorials in Teacher's Corner.

** This content is available in Teacher's Corner on Ed.  Log in to your Teacher account on Ed, and click Teacher's Corner.  Click Filters and choose your program from the Program filter.  Note: To see this content you must have the program available to you, and a class created with that program assigned to it. See Manage Programs for Classes in Ed for instructions.  Instructions on using Teacher's Corner and a short video are also available.

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We know it can be time-consuming to learn how to implement all the great new features that are available for Into Literature on Ed, but we’ve got your back! HMH now has a series of on-demand instructional videos available that will help you implement the latest features and take your instruction to the next level. Check out the how-to videos for:


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