Top 10 Reasons Why you should send your child to Shallow 20K227


  1. Your child may  take 3 Regents Exams (Math & Living Environment, US History) and the Spanish Language Proficiency Test.  We have 6 Advanced Regents Classes.  Possibly leading to 8 HS credits!

  2. We have a 95% Passing Rate on all Regents Exams

  3. Your Child will enjoy three grade trips to: Philadelphia, Massachusetts, and Washington DC

  4. College Touring trips (3 out of state College Visits)

  5. Well established built in counseling structures to address critical social and emotional factors.

  6. Engineering Enriched Curriculum (Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Computer and Software engineering , Robotics, and Architecture)

  7. Your child will take Art , Drama, Music, Chorus, Physical Education and Health as electives.
  8. 12 hrs/wk of ELA (English, Grammar and RWC)

  9. 10 hrs/wk of Math ( Math and M-Art )

  10. Well established Highly Qualified Teachers.